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November 25th, 2015 - LOI Submission Deadline 2pm


Trafton RFLI   (5 pages, 387 kb)

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Arlington Public Schools (the "District") is seeking a Letter of Interest to purchase or lease the Trafton Properties ("Property") located at 12528 and 12616 Jim Creek Road, Arlington, Washington, east of SR-530.


This site is in unincorporated Snohomish County and consists of two tax parcels, which total approximately 6.19 acres; the Trafton School is on one of the parcels and a residential house is on the second parcel. Trafton School was closed in 2010. The school building and residential house were previously rented and are now vacant. The District is excited to provide this opportunity to purchase or lease this beautiful historic facility for continued use.


This offering presents interested and capable parties with the unique ability to either purchase or lease the Property, which has excellent access and visibility in rural Snohomish County. The District will only consider a lease of the Property if no viable purchase offers are submitted. Both parcels are being sold as one piece of Property and will not be separated.


The District reserves the right to determine acceptance of which offer, if any, is in the best interests of the District, and to negotiate with any or all offers prior to sale. A guided site tour is scheduled for October 8, 2015 at 11:00am. For information, answer to questions or viewing of the Properties, contact the District's Real Estate Advisor, Cynthia Berne , Long Bay Enterprises, 206-937-9536.


Letters of Interest will be accepted until November 25, 2015, 2:00pm and should be submitted to the District to the attention of Sid Logan, Executive Director of Operations, either electronically to slogan@asd.wednet.edu with subject line "RFLI - Trafton Properties" or by mail/hand delivery to Arlington Public Schools, Administration Building, 315 N. French Ave, Arlington, WA  98223. For more information about the property and to visit the property, contact the District's Real Estate Advisor, Cynthia Berne at 206-937-9536.




Preliminary Title - Commitment (5 pages, 387 kb)


Preliminary Title - Sketch  (5 pages, 387 kb)


Preliminary Title - Underlying Documents   (5 pages, 387 kb)


Preliminary Title - Vesting   (5 pages, 387 kb)


Owners Affidavit   (5 pages, 387 kb)


2009 State Study and Survey   (5 pages, 387 kb)


Environmental Site Assessment   (5 pages, 387 kb)


Asbestos Summary   (5 pages, 387 kb)


Document Chain   (5 pages, 387 kb)


Property History Guarantee  (5 pages, 387 kb)


Surplussing Real Property Policy   (5 pages, 387 kb)


Sale of Real Property Policy   (5 pages, 387 kb)



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