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Important Dates:


May 22th, 2017 - LOI Submission Deadline 2pm

(Extended deadline; previously May 15th)


March 24, 2017 - Additional Site Visit 11am


Interviews Second Week in May




Arlington Public Schools (the 'District') is seeking letters of interest to purchase the Hwy 530 site ('Property') located on Hwy 530 within Snohomish County.


Both parcels have frontage off of SR 530. The surrounding area is developed with large acreage residential homes and agriculture land of rural character. The District purchased the site in 1997 for a future school site. The District has determined the Property is surplussed to its needs. The Arlington Eagles R/C Flyers, AMA Chapter Club 4569, a non-profit organization, is currently using a portion of the Property without any legal property rights to do so. The approximate amount of land used by the club is 2.6 acres. The District has sent a letter to the Club to vacate the Property (see Available Property Information below).


The combination of U.S.G.S. information and other site analysis (see Property Information documents) appears to verify there is a significant deposit of sand and gravel in the Property.


In order to maximize participation in the RFLI process, Letters of Interest should identify key purchase terms and use objectives. All Letters of Interest should include a proposed schedule outlining any feasibility period and an estimated closing date of the purchase.

The District is open to any and all reasonable offers that are consistent with the following requirements:


  • The District requires fair market value, in cash, for the Property (including all resources).
  • Any sale must be contingent on and preceded by compliance with the requirements of Chapter 28A.335 RCW, District policies and procedures, and other applicable law.
  • Additionally, the District has a preference for proposals that can accomplish any of the following goals:
  • The District is interested in ensuring that future use of the Property is compatible with the surrounding properties and rural character.
  • The District is interested in a reasonable timeframe to close on the transaction and receive the sales revenues.



Letters of Interest will be accepted until May 22nd, 2017, 2:00pm and should be submitted to the District to the attention of Brian Lewis, Executive Director of Operations, either electronically to krynning@asd.wednet.edu with subject line "RFLI - HWY 530 Properties" or by mail/hand delivery to Arlington Public Schools, Administration Building, 315 N. French Ave, Arlington, WA  98223. For more information about the property and to visit the property, contact the District's Real Estate Advisor, Cynthia Berne at 206-937-9536.


Preliminary Title Commitment (19 pages, 324 KB)



Master Facilities Plan - May 2015 (23 pages, 1083 KB)


Preliminary Plat Map (1 page, 204 KB)


Notice to Vacate (1 page, 204 KB)


Phase I ESA (148 pages, 10674 KB)


Preliminary Geotechnical Report 1 (16 pages, 6103 KB)


Preliminary Geotechnical Report 2 (17 pages, 5105 KB)


Preliminary Geotechnical Report 3 (10 pages, 3199 KB)


Parcel Map - NEW 2.16.18 (1 pages, 750 KB)



RFLI Download:

Supplemental Documents:

Request for Letters of Interest (5 pages, 404 KB)


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